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…at your convenience for a free consultation and assessment as to whether or not hCG is the right program for you 


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…for you, commence the 21 or 43 day treatment at your earliest convenience.  We will provide the coaching and assistance. 

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...achieved your weight goal safely and comfortably, we will show you how to stabilize your weight for the future.

Our goal is help you succeed in living well. We want to help people, just like you, lose that stubborn weight - then show you how to keep it off-permanently!.

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Heather is the driving force at New You Now and can help you meet or exceed your weight loss expectations.  She and her staff of qualified health care professionals will help you to understand the process, teach you to administer and monitor your daily dosage of hCG - and coach you every inch of the way.

If you want more information on the treatment, click on MORE below.  If you are a health care practitioner click on CLINICS


The Lowdown on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

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In order to get the best results,a program should be chosen not only based​

on what is 'trendy" or most effective for other people .It should be a method that suits YOU and yourlifesatyle.This does not mean  it should be stretch,but implimenting it must be feasible ,if you are to succeed.

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